Each week 2 teens leave their own fraught family lives to spend 10 days living under the rules and roofs of some of the World’s Strictest Parents. From Jaipur to Jamaica and Accra to Alabama, unruly Brits have collided head on with the daily discipline, educational values and unflinching strictness of parents who believe that enforcing strict rules and firm discipline is the only way to raise a well balanced child.

Enforcing the rules isn’t easy, even for parents used to being obeyed. But as the week unfolds, living with strict boundaries and enforced consequences will produce genuine emotional journeys and personal turnarounds in these kid’s behaviours. Time away from home gives the teenagers an opportunity for reflection on how poorly they treat their parents in England, while the denial of cigarettes and alcohol combined with a daily routine of compulsory chores and family meals lets them realize just how little they do to enhance family life at home.

From culture shock to personal enrichment, via temper tantrums and tear jerking re-unions, these teenagers experience what it's like to live with strict rules and discipline in the family home - and learn to feel the benefits.