Hugely popular in the US, Impractical Jokers sits as TruTV’s number one season premiere. The series is an upbeat comedy show that uses hidden cameras to record the action. However, unlike other hidden camera shows whose victims are unsuspecting members of the public, the joke is very much at the expense of the presenters who are four comedians competing with each other to carry out crazy dares and awkward challenges.


As comedians, the team are all well equipped to react to the comedy of the situation they find themselves in. However,  the twist is that in order to score points, they must say or do what they are told by other comedians behind the scenes via a secret earpiece. If they refuse, they lose.


Each task is played out by all four comedians then judged and scored. The climax of the show sees the loser facing a cringe-making final challenge that must be carried out alone.  The bigger the public spectacle, the better!




Impractical Jokers is a new hidden camera show where four comedians set each other up in embarrassing situations in very public places. It’s a competition that is the ultimate test of their friendship. The winner is the one who endures the most embarrassment. The loser has to do a humiliating solo punishment. This week the Jokers push boundaries in the hairdresser, try to get complete strangers to kiss them, get tasteless in a taste test and even  attempt to get customers in a boot when they work in a car showroom! They trade insults, blushes and behave very badly as they all try to avoid the shockingly funny losers punishment.     


Impractical Jokers is a Shed Media Scotland Production in Association with Yalli Productions.